Dell Delivers Cyber Recovery Guarantee

It has been said that the only things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes. With the dramatic upsurge in ransomware and malware attacks over the last 12 months, we can now probably add cyberattacks to that list as well.

According to the 2022 Global Data Protection Index Snapshot research (GDPI), nearly half of organizations reported suffering a cyberattack or other cyber incident that prevented access to their data in the last 12 months, resulting in financial losses that averaged $660k per incident. Not surprisingly, 63 percent of these same organizations lack the confidence they can reliably recover all business-critical data in the event of a cyberattack.1

Source: 2022 Global Data Protection Index Snapshot.

In this brave new world of persistent cyberthreats, organizations need the confidence they have the resiliency to withstand attacks on their data so they can maintain business operations regardless of whatever comes down the pike.

That is why Dell is announcing a Cyber Recovery Guarantee*, which states that Dell will provide up to $10M to assist in recovery of your data from ransomware and qualifying cyber events in the event that recovery of stored data is not possible.

This new Cyber Recovery Guarantee expands the Dell Technologies Future-Proof Program, which already includes the Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee.** The new Cyber Recovery Guarantee, combined with the Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee, delivers something all businesses want and need: confidence their data will be protected, available AND with significant storage efficiency, representing real cost savings.

PowerProtect appliances can help protect data in your production backup environment by making your backup copies immutable. This means a would-be attacker cannot overwrite, encrypt or delete the data residing in the backup storage repository on your production backup appliance.

Secondly, critical data can be further protected by the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution, which is built on PowerProtect appliances, by securely replicating it to an isolated vault that is completely separated from your production network. Data residing in the vault is likewise immutable, and organizations have the additional option to use CyberSense, which runs a highly robust set of analytics on data in the vault to identify potential cyberthreats or corruption. If corruption is detected in the stored backup data, there are built-in mechanisms for identifying clean copies to help ensure your data is always in a recoverable state.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery delivers tremendous protection against bad actors to help ensure your data is recoverable. Adding a recovery guarantee provides an additional level of comfort that your data is protected. Dell’s goal is to help you sleep at night knowing your immutable data will be secure and available. Guaranteed.*

Trusted by over 1300 PowerProtect Cyber Recovery customers2 of all sizes, the cyber recovery platform is the world’s first turnkey cyber-vault solution endorsed to meet Sheltered Harbor’s data vaulting standards to help ensure the recoverability of business systems and data from a cyberattack.

Organizations like San Felipe Del Rio School District have seen first-hand the benefits of the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution, as it enabled them to recover from a ransomware attack in hours instead of weeks. And the State of Oklahoma credits Dell PowerProtect data protection and Cyber Recovery solutions with helping them fend off up to 3.8 trillion cyberattacks in 2022 while dramatically simplifying their environment by eliminating IT silos. Likewise, Bob Bender, CTO of Founders Federal Credit Union states of their investment in PowerProtect data protection and Cyber Recovery solutions, “We know that we’re resilient, we have confidence that our data is safe and our reputation is going to be upheld.”

As the #1 provider of Data Protection Appliances and Software3, Dell is your one stop for data protection and cyber resiliency solutions to help ensure your critical data is protected across your edge, core and multicloud environment. Now, with the assurances of a Cyber Recovery Guarantee, you can confidently move forward on your digital transformation journey.


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