A4TECH G3-200N Black Blue V-TRACK Wireless Mouse

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Sensor Type V-Track
Resolution 1000 dpi
Interface USB 2.0
Air Interface 2.4 GHz
Radius 10 m
Power supply 1 AA battery
Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win 7
Color: Black, Blue, Orange Black, Blue, Orange
Warranty 1 Year

Features of A4TECH G3-200N Black Blue V-TRACK Wireless Mouse

The A4TECH G3-200N is a wireless computer mouse designed for everyday use. It features V-TRACK optical sensor technology, which is a type of advanced optical tracking technology designed to work on a variety of surfaces, including uneven ones. This makes it suitable for both regular desktop use and portable laptop use without requiring a mouse pad.

The "Black Blue" in the name likely refers to the color scheme of the mouse, indicating that the mouse has a combination of black and blue colors in its design.

Key features of the A4TECH G3-200N Black Blue V-TRACK Wireless Mouse may include:

  1. Wireless Connectivity: The mouse connects to your computer via a wireless receiver that is typically plugged into a USB port. This provides freedom of movement and reduces clutter on your desk.

  2. V-TRACK Technology: This technology enables the mouse to accurately track movement on various surfaces, including glossy or textured ones, which can be challenging for traditional optical mice.

  3. Ergonomic Design: The mouse is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, with an ergonomic shape that aims to reduce strain during extended use.

  4. Adjustable DPI: The mouse might offer adjustable DPI (dots per inch) settings, allowing you to change the sensitivity of the mouse cursor. This can be useful for tasks that require precise movements or quick cursor navigation.

  5. Battery Life: The mouse is likely powered by batteries (usually AA or AAA batteries), and its battery life can vary depending on usage. Some models might come with a low battery indicator.

  6. Additional Buttons: Some models of the A4TECH G3-200N might have additional buttons, such as side buttons for forward and backward navigation in web browsers.

  7. Plug-and-Play: The mouse is typically designed to be easy to set up. You plug in the wireless receiver, turn on the mouse, and it should start working without requiring complex software installations.

What is the Price of A4TECH G3-200N Black Blue V-TRACK Wireless Mouse in Bangladesh?

The latest price of A4TECH G3-200N Black Blue V-TRACK Wireless Mouse in Bangladesh is 800 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in BD.

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