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Odoo is a modern accounting software. So clean that you will experience work differently and avoid the frustration of slow interfaces, overflowing email inboxes, and endless data.

Features Description
Unlock true performance Speed matters. All operations are processed in less than 90 milliseconds, faster than the blink of an eye. It helps accountants do much more in less time.
A snappy interface is a game changer.
No data entry!
Just automation
Experience zero data entry. Our advanced AI-powered invoice data capture has a 98% recognition rate. All you have to do is to validate the invoice.
Enjoy the mobile experience Your mobile companion. Take pictures of your expenses and let the Artificial Intelligence do the rest!
Smart bank reconciliation Bank synchronization
Never import bank statements manually again. Odoo integrates with 28,000 banks from all around the world!
Smart AI matching
95% of the transactions are matched automatically with the financial records.
Worldwide compatibility Odoo Accounting can be used in any country. The Fiscal Localization Packages pre-configure your database according to your country's taxes, fiscal positions, chart of accounts, and legal statements so that you can start working immediately.
AI-powered invoice digitization Upload your scanned PDF or image format files and let Odoo encode them automatically, thanks to the AI-powered digitization feature.
Multi-companies Pay only one subscription and get all your subsidiaries within the same system with real-time consolidation reports. You can also automate business flows with intercompany rules
Accounts Receivable and Payable
Attractive Invoice Templates Fine-tune your documents' design by adjusting the colors and fonts and choosing the best invoice template for your company.

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