Adobe Dreamweaver CC

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Features of Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Feature Description
Code Editor
- Syntax highlighting for improved code readability.<br/> - Auto-complete for faster coding.
Live View
- Real-time preview of changes in a browser-like environment.
Visual Design
- WYSIWYG editor for visual layout creation.<br/> - CSS Designer for visual CSS styling.
Responsive Design
- Fluid Grid Layouts for responsive designs.<br/> - Media Query support for styling based on device characteristics.
Bootstrap Integration
- Built-in support for the Bootstrap front-end framework.
Git Support
- Integration with Git for version control.
FTP and SFTP Support
- Built-in support for file transfer protocols for easy deployment.
Dynamic Websites
- Support for server-side languages like PHP and ASP.NET.
Library Items
- Creation of reusable code elements for easy management.
Syntax Checking
- Identifies coding errors and provides suggestions for improvement.
Integrated CMS Support
- Integration with popular content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).
Extension Manager
- Allows the addition of extensions and plugins to enhance functionality.

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