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Features of Adobe Illustrator CC

Feature Description
1. Vector Graphics
Illustrator is a vector-based design program.
2. Artboards
Multiple artboards in a single document for varied layouts.
3. Drawing Tools
Pen, Pencil, Shape tools for precise drawing and editing.
4. Typography
Robust text tools for creative typography.
5. Brushes and Patterns
Diverse brush and pattern libraries for artistic effects.
6. Layers
Layer-based editing for organized design structures.
7. Image Trace
Converts raster images to editable vectors.
8. Live Paint
Intuitive coloring of illustrations with live editing.
9. 3D Effects
Extrude and bevel options for 3D design elements.
10. Gradient Mesh
Precise control over gradients in artwork.
11. Creative Cloud Integration
Seamless integration with Adobe's Creative Cloud.
12. Export Options
Various file export options for different purposes.
13. Responsive SVG Export
Export SVG files optimized for web responsiveness.
14. Touch Workspace
UI customization for touch-enabled devices.
15. Libraries
Access to Creative Cloud Libraries for asset management.

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