Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Feature Description
Faster timeline performance 5x faster timeline drawing
Text-Based Editing Delete all pauses with a single click, work with multi-channel audio files, and get more control over your transcript view
Color Settings Consolidates many color selections into a single tab so you can quickly and easily make changes and view the result
Audio Auto-Tagging Automatically tag audio files as Dialogue, Music, SFX, or Ambience to reveal controls in the Essential Sound panel to give you immediate access to the most relevant tools to create professional sound
Effects Manager Quickly identify, troubleshoot, and disable incompatible plug-ins to improve system stability so you can get back to work faster
Project templates for fast setup Save projects as templates so you can get started with bins, sequences, or assets already organized
Recovery mode Easily recover and restore the last saved state of your open projects in case Premiere Pro quits unexpectedly
Custom destinations in Export mode Add, edit, and keep a single set of custom destinations in Export mode for all clips and sequences in any project

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