Antec STORM 120mm Case Fan (3 in 1 Pack)

Sale price৳ 4,000.00


Fan Speed 600~2000 RPM
Air Flow 66.56 CFM (max.)
Air Pressure 2.7 mmH₂O (max.)
Noise (dBA) 11.4~34.9 dB(A)
Lifespan 80,000 hours
Bearing Type FDB Bearing
LED Type N/A
Input Current 0.20 A (max.)
Operating Voltage/Power Range DC 10.8-13.2 V
Size 120*120*25 mm
Connector 4-pin PWM
Manufacturing Warranty 1 year

Features of Antec STORM 120mm Case Fan (3 in 1 Pack)

The Antec STORM 120mm Case Fan is a product that offers a pack of three 120mm fans designed for use in computer cases. These fans are typically used to improve airflow and cooling within a PC case, helping to maintain optimal operating temperatures for the components.

The Antec STORM 120mm Case Fan pack contains three fans, all of which have a diameter of 120mm. The size is a common standard for case fans and is compatible with most standard case fan mounts. These fans are designed to fit into the standard mounting points found in PC cases, usually using screws or other mounting mechanisms.

The primary purpose of case fans is to improve airflow within the computer case. They help to draw in cool air from the surroundings and push out hot air generated by the internal components, such as the CPU, GPU, and power supply. By effectively dissipating heat, case fans can prevent components from overheating, which can lead to performance degradation or even component failure.

The Antec STORM 120mm Case Fan pack provides three fans, allowing users to install them in various locations within the case. It's common to have intake fans at the front or bottom of the case, which draw cool air into the case, and exhaust fans at the rear or top, which expel hot air. Additional fans can be placed strategically to improve airflow based on the specific case design and components used.

Overall, the Antec STORM 120mm Case Fan pack is a popular choice among PC enthusiasts and gamers who want to enhance their system's cooling capabilities and maintain optimal performance.

What is the price of Antec STORM 120mm Case Fan (3 in 1 Pack) in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Antec STORM 120mm Case Fan (3 in 1 Pack) in bd is 4,000.00 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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