APC 20KVA Easy On Line UPS

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Brand APC by Schneider Electric,
Model E3SUPS20KH
Country of Origin France
Rated Capacity 20000VA / 20KW
Phase 3-phase
UPS Topology Double conversion online
Input Voltage 400V 3PH
Input voltage Range 304 - 477V
45 - 65 Hz
Input frequency 40-70 Hz auto sensing
Output Voltage 380 V, 400 V, 415 V
Output frequency
50 Hz Sync to mains, 60 Hz Sync to mains
Harmonic distortion Less than 3 %
Wave type Sine wave
Bypass type Built-in maintenance bypass
Crest facto 3 : 1
Battery type Lead-acid battery
Battery Bank External battery system
Runtime Customizable
Battery recharge time 4 h
Height 30.31 inches
Width 9.84 inches
Depth 31.5 inches
Net weight 58.0KG
Warranty 01 Year

Features of APC 20KVA Easy On Line UPS

The APC 20KVA Easy On Line UPS is a high-capacity uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufactured by APC (American Power Conversion), a leading provider of power protection and management solutions. The Easy On Line UPS series is designed to provide reliable backup power and voltage regulation for critical equipment and sensitive electronic devices.

Here are some key features and details about the APC 20KVA Easy On Line UPS:

Capacity: The UPS has a capacity of 20 kilovolt-amperes (kVA), which means it can support a load of up to 20,000 volt-amperes (VA). This makes it suitable for medium to large-scale applications, such as data centers, server rooms, industrial equipment, and other mission-critical environments.

Topology: The Easy On Line UPS series typically utilizes a double-conversion online topology. This means that the UPS continuously converts incoming AC power to DC power, then reconverts it back to AC power for output. This provides a high level of power quality and protection against voltage sags, surges, and other disturbances.

Battery Backup: The UPS includes an internal battery system that serves as a backup power source during a power outage or brownout. The battery provides seamless power to connected devices until the main power supply is restored or until a safe shutdown can be initiated.

Scalability: The APC 20KVA Easy On Line UPS is designed for scalability, allowing you to expand its capacity or runtime by adding external battery packs. This can be useful if you need to extend the backup power duration or if your power requirements increase over time.

Monitoring and Management: The UPS is equipped with advanced monitoring and management features to ensure efficient operation and proactive maintenance. It may include features such as a built-in LCD or LED display for status information, remote management capabilities, and compatibility with power management software.

Efficiency and Eco-Mode: The Easy On Line UPS series often incorporates energy-saving features to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Some models may offer an "Eco-Mode" option that allows the UPS to operate at higher efficiency levels during periods of low power disturbances, thus saving energy.

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