APC 3KVA Rackmount Easy On-Line UPS

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Brand APC by Schneider Electric,
Country of Origin France
Rated Capacity 3000VA / 2400W
UPS Tropology Double conversion online
Input Voltage 220V, 230 V, 240V
Input voltage Range 110-285 V half load
160-280 V full load
Input frequency 40-70 Hz auto sensing
Output Voltage 220V, 230 V, 240V
Output frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz sync to mains
Harmonic distortion 3 %
Wave type Sine wave
Efficiency 88 % (full load)
Bypass type
Internal bypass (automatic and manual)
Crest facto 3 : 1
Battery type Lead-acid battery
Battery voltage 72 V
Runtime Standard
Battery recharge time 4 h
Plug standard IEC 60320 C20
Output connection type 6 IEC 60320 C13
1 IEC 60320 C19
Height 8.6 cm
Width 43.7 cm
Depth 63.2 cm
Net weight 27.6 kg
Mounting mode Rack-mounted with kit
Number of rack unit 2U
USB compatible Yes
Warranty 01 Year

Features of APC 3KVA Rackmount Easy On-Line UPS

The APC 3KVA Rackmount Easy On-Line UPS is a type of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offered by APC, a leading manufacturer of power protection and management solutions. Here's some information about this UPS:

Capacity: The UPS has a capacity of 3KVA, which stands for kilovolt-ampere, indicating the maximum load it can support. This capacity is suitable for medium to large-sized IT systems or other critical equipment that require reliable power backup.

Form Factor: The UPS is designed in a rackmount form factor, which means it can be mounted in a standard equipment rack, typically used in data centers, server rooms, or networking environments. This allows for efficient use of space and easy integration with existing rack infrastructure.

Technology: The "Easy On-Line" feature refers to the online double-conversion technology employed in this UPS. It provides constant power conditioning and protection by converting incoming AC power to DC and then back to AC. This ensures a clean and stable power supply, protecting connected devices from power surges, sags, spikes, and other electrical disturbances.

Battery Backup: The UPS includes an internal battery that provides backup power during an outage or interruption in the main power source. The battery runtime depends on the power load connected to the UPS. It is recommended to calculate the estimated runtime based on the power requirements of your equipment to ensure sufficient backup time.

Management and Monitoring: The APC 3KVA Rackmount Easy On-Line UPS typically offers various management and monitoring features. These may include an LCD display for real-time status updates, audible alarms for critical events, remote management capabilities, and software tools for monitoring and controlling the UPS.

Scalability and Redundancy: Depending on your needs, you may be able to scale and configure multiple UPS units in parallel or in redundant configurations to increase capacity or provide additional reliability. This can be important for high availability environments where uptime is crucial.

Compatibility: The UPS is designed to work with various operating systems and can be integrated into different infrastructure setups. It provides power protection for servers, networking equipment, storage systems, and other critical devices.

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