Apollo 1KVA Online UPS

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Basic Information Brand: Apollo
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Model: APOLLO 2100HS
Power 1KVA/0.7kW
Noise level <53dB - 65dB at 1 meter distance
Audio Alarm: Keep 90 Seconds at a time interval of 4 Seconds
Battery Low: Auto Shutdown upon complete discharge of battery and auto turn-on upon recovery of utility power
Fault: Continuous Alarming
Battery Information
Sealed, Maintenance Free, Lead-Acid
Backup time: 15 - 30 Minutes depending on Load
Recharge time: 5 ~ 8 Hours
Input 110VAC/220VAC Nominal Voltage
Output 110VAC/220VAC±2% Voltage
Dimensions 145*400*220 W×D×H (Mm)
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Features of Apollo 1KVA Online UPS

A 1KVA online UPS, also known as a 1KVA double-conversion UPS, is a type of power protection device commonly used in homes, small businesses, and other environments where a reliable power supply is critical. Here's a breakdown of some key features and concepts related to online UPS systems:

  1. Capacity: The "1KVA" in the term refers to the capacity of the UPS, which stands for kilovolt-ampere. It indicates the maximum amount of power the UPS can provide. In this case, the capacity is 1 kilovolt-ampere or approximately 1,000 volt-amperes.

  2. Online UPS: An online UPS provides continuous power protection by converting incoming AC power into DC power, then re-converting it back to AC power for output. It constantly runs off its battery, ensuring a seamless power supply even in the event of power fluctuations or outages. The double-conversion process filters the incoming power, isolating connected devices from potential electrical issues.

  3. Backup time: The backup time of a UPS depends on several factors, including the load connected to it and the capacity of its internal batteries. A 1KVA UPS can typically support a limited number of devices for a short period, such as a few minutes to an hour, depending on the load and battery capacity. It's important to consider the power requirements of your devices and the desired backup time when choosing a UPS.

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