Apple MacBook Power Charger Adapter MagSafe2 (T-Tip) 60W (16.5V 3.65A)

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Apple MacBook Power Charger Adapter MagSafe2 (T-Tip) 60W
Designed for various MacBook models with MagSafe2 (T-Tip) charging ports
Power Output 60W (Wattage)
Voltage Output 16.5V
Current Output 3.65A
Connector Type
MagSafe2 (T-Tip) connector
Compact, portable design
LED Indicator
Typically includes an LED status indicator
Cable Length
Varies in cable length, usually around 6 feet
Safety Features
Built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection
Compatibility Indicator
May have compatibility details printed on the adapter
Regulatory Compliance
Meets safety and regulatory standards (CE, FCC, etc.)
Brand Genuine Apple product
Usually comes with a warranty from Apple or seller
Original vs. Third-Party
Available as an original Apple product or third-party replacements

Features of Apple MacBook Power Charger Adapter MagSafe2 (T-Tip) 60W (16.5V 3.65A)

  1. MagSafe 2 Connector (T-Tip): The MagSafe 2 connector is a proprietary magnetic connector that attaches securely to your MacBook. The "T-Tip" refers to the shape of the connector, resembling the letter "T."

  2. Power Output: The charger provides a maximum power output of 60 watts.

  3. Voltage and Current: The charger delivers a voltage of 16.5 volts and a current of 3.65 amps.

  4. Compatibility: The charger is compatible with various MacBook models that use the MagSafe 2 connector. These models include certain MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops that were released before Apple began transitioning to USB-C charging ports.

  5. Magnetic Connection: One of the distinctive features of MagSafe chargers is the magnetic connection. The charger magnetically attaches to the MacBook, making it easy to connect and disconnect while also preventing accidental disconnections that might occur if you trip over the cord.

  6. LED Indicator: The charger typically features an LED indicator located on the top side of the connector. This indicator lights up when the charger is connected to power and the MacBook is charging. The color of the LED may change based on the charging status (amber for charging, green for fully charged, or no light if there's a connection issue).

  7. Compact Design: Apple's MagSafe chargers are designed to be compact and easy to carry. The charger's foldable plug helps keep the adapter's size manageable for travel.

  8. Safety Features: Apple chargers are designed with safety features to protect against overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating, helping to prevent potential damage to your MacBook.

  9. Replaceable Cord: The charger typically comes with a detachable cord that connects the adapter to the power outlet. If the cord gets damaged, you can replace it without having to replace the entire adapter.

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