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Ensure the protection of your Microsoft 365 data.

With Veritas Backup Exec, you get reliable backup of your Microsoft 365 data built into a single, easy-to-use solution. Everything in your users’ OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams applications can be automatically backed up and available for recovery on-demand. 

Microsoft 365 protection

Backup Exec now offers protection and recovery of critical Microsoft 365 resources including Exchange data elements (mailboxes, folders, emails, and calendar items), OneDrive elements (folders and files), SharePoint elements (User Site, Group Site, Communication Site, Classic Site), and Teams elements (Settings and Channel Tabs, Post/Conversations, and Teams Sites).

Complete integration

By integrating Microsoft 365 support directly into Backup Exec, the user experience remains simple and easy to use through a single pane of glass. Customers avoid the costs and complexity that come with managing multiple products.

Data storage control

Unlike other Microsoft 365 backup solutions, Backup Exec allows customers to retain sovereignty over where their Microsoft 365 backup data is stored. Backup Exec can store these backups to the cloud, or to any supported local storage device.

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