BIG-IP Advanced WAF

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Identify and block attacks other WAFs miss

Protect your applications with behavioral analytics, layer 7 DoS mitigation, application-layer encryption of sensitive data, threat intelligence services, and API security.

Identify and block attacks other WAFs miss

  • Application-Layer Attacks - Application-layer attacks can evade signature and reputation-based security solutions.
  • Web App and API Attacks - New application attack surfaces and increased threat thresholds are popping up due to the rapid adoption of APIs (ex. GraphQL APIs, OWASP Top 10).
  • Security Automation for DevOps - Bring apps to market faster with lower cost and higher security efficacy.
  • Targeted Attack Campaigns - Active attack campaigns are difficult to detect from singular attacks.
  • Automated Attacks and Bots - Automated attacks and bots can overwhelm application resources.
  • Credential Theft - Attacks that steal application credentials or take advantage of compromised accounts.

Flexible deployment and management options to fit your needs

BIG-IP Advanced WAF identifies and blocks attacks other WAFs miss. BIG-IP Advanced WAF delivers a dedicated, dynamic dashboard ensuring compliance against threats listed in the OWASP Top 10, guided configurations for common WAF use cases, learning engine and customized policy building, and granular security policies for microservices and APIs. 

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