BIG-IP Container Ingress Services

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Leverage containerized environments for speed and agility

F5 Container Ingress Controller for Kubernetes or OpenShift offers highly scalable, declarative administration of F5 BIG-IP, enabling faster development through fully automated processes without manual interaction, programmatic error reduction, and extensibility.

Leverage containerized environments for speed and agility

  • Dynamic App Services for PaaS and Containers - Integrate with container environments such as Kubernetes and PaaS container systems such as RedHat OpenShift for managing container application services.
  • Self-Service and Automated Event Discovery - Enable self-service Ingress HTTP routing and app services selection by subscribing to events to automatically configure performance, routing, and security services on BIG-IP.
  • Scalability and Security with App Services Insertion - Integrate with the BIG-IP platform to scale apps for availability and enable app services insertion. In addition, integrate with the BIG-IP system and NGINX for Ingress load balancing.

Faster deployment and end-to-end visibility

Speed deployments with predefined BIG-IP templates and support for the Application Services 3 Extension. Gain visibility, observability, and analytics via data stream export to third-party solutions for fast resolution of anomalies and on-demand statistics.

Faster deployment and end-to-end visibility

  • Predefined Templates - Configure PaaS and container integrations using standardized templates, delivering consistent policies across established and emerging app architectures.
  • Complete Visibility and Observability - A rich set of L4-L7 stats of all container traffic and enhances app insights via data-stream export to analytics platforms like Splunk.
  • Cluster Networking - Seamless integration into overlay technology such as OpenShift SDN, Flannel VXLAN and Host-GW, and Calico for fast cluster networking.

F5 Ingress Link—security, availability and performance

F5 IngressLink combines BIG-IP, Container Ingress Services (CIS), and NGINX Ingress Controller to deliver unified app services for fast-changing, modern applications in Kubernetes environments. F5 IngressLink is a two-tier solution that uses BIG-IP devices outside (at the edge of) the Kubernetes cluster, and several NGINX Ingress Controller instances within the cluster.


  • Shared Configuration and State - Configuration and state are automatically shared between the BIG-IP, CIS and NGINX tiers by the F5 IngressLink resource.
  • Secure Containerize Application - App services are DevOps aligned and driven at the speed of app development and deployment requirements.
  • Automated Coordination - IngressLink manages the coordination between BIG-IP NetOps and NGINX DevOps teams, reducing delays and errors.

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