BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

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Maintain application availability

BIG-IP LTM software keeps apps available through all kinds of traffic demands to ensure that your users have access to the apps they need anytime. By using both static and dynamic load balancing to eliminate single points of failure, BIG-IP LTM can help your org maintain app high availability and reliability through any scenario.

Maintain application availability

  • Load Balance - Distribute application load across multiple servers and clouds to increase availability.
  • Traffic Steering - Direct a particular type of traffic to resources designed to handle that type of workload.
  • Health Monitoring - Verify health and performance to check the status of applications and resources.

Improve your end user experience

No one likes a slow, unreliable application. BIG-IP LTM scales dramatically to meet traffic demands, improving load times and user experience. It also makes real-time protocol and traffic-management decisions based on application and server conditions and puts control in your hands with rule customization and programmability.
Improve your end user experience
  • TCP Optimization - Enable state-of-the-art optimization to dramatically improve mobile performance.
  • Caching - Offload repetitive traffic from application servers to improve performance and scale.
  • Emerging Protocols - Provide load-balancing support for IoT clients through the MQTT protocol.

Secure your customers’ data

BIG-IP LTM delivers industry-leading SSL performance and visibility for inbound and outbound traffic, so you can protect your entire user experience by encrypting everything from the client to the server. It also defends against DDoS attacks and provides ICAP services for integration with data loss protection and virus protection.

Secure your customers data

  • Data Protection - Encrypt traffic with a choice of cipher suites based on policy, compliance, or mobile needs.
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy - Protect customer privacy from future decryption with a unique key for each session.
  • Key Protection - Protect and manage keys with hardware security modules for physical, virtual, and multi-cloud.

Real time operational intelligence

You want to know how your applications and network are performing for users at all times. BIG-IP LTM puts data logging and analysis, real-time application health monitoring, and detailed F5 Analytics at your fingertips to help you maintain and improve application performance.
Real time operational intelligence
  • F5 Analytics - Provides detailed monitoring for applications to analyze and improve performance.
  • High Speed Logging - Processes and sends the log messages to remote high-speed log servers for reporting.
  • Detailed Analysis - Export data streams to third-party analytics for detailed search and issue resolution.

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