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Streamlined operations and automation

BIG-IP Next greatly simplifies day-to-day ADC operations and accelerates application time-to-market through automation, meaning you can spend less time on menial tasks and more on what really matters: getting your apps online and keeping them there.


  • Accelerated and Automated App Deployments Simplify and accelerate app deployments through intuitive configuration templates (FAST) and declarative APIs (AS3) that offer comprehensive configuration control and complete automatability.
  • Rapid, Effortless Software Upgrades Perform major BIG-IP Next software upgrades in as little as ten minutes, and complete minor upgrades without any downtime while passing application traffic.
  • Centralized Control with BIG-IP Next Central Manager Significantly reduce operational complexity with a modern GUI that offers a single, centralized point of control to perform all lifecycle tasks across your BIG-IP Next fleet.

Guaranteed performance, scalability, and resiliency

BIG-IP Next’s modern, highly scalable software architecture is designed for maximum resiliency to support vast, dynamic application portfolios and their most complex traffic management and security policies, ensuring that applications are always available to end users.


  • Superior Control Plane Efficiency and Scale Support vast, dynamic application portfolios and their most complex configurations by leveraging a superior control plane built for maximum resiliency.
  • Industry-Leading Data Plane Performance Rely on unparalleled scale and performance to guarantee optimal user experiences.
  • Seamless Global App Resiliency Effortlessly implement Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) within any multi-site app deployment, providing maximum redundancy with minimal effort.

Enriched observability and analytics

Gain deep insights into your application health, network performance, traffic patterns, and security threats to improve business decision-making.


  • Insightful Application Analytics and Dashboards Make data-driven decisions based on individual application status and health, while simplifying troubleshooting efforts.
  • Third-Party Telemetry Streaming Automatically export application and device telemetry data to familiar third-party analytics and visualization tools, including Splunk, Grafana, and more.
  • Centralized Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Compile application insights from distributed workloads, and generate alerts and reports for pre-determined event types.

Enhanced security and reduced business risk

Keep pace with evolving cyberthreats and implement new protective measures faster to keep your apps and network secure.


  • Rapid Security Updates Maintain a cutting-edge security posture with accelerated security feature releases and software patches.
  • Configuration Versioning Easily rollback to known healthy configuration states to avoid downtime following unexpected configuration errors.
  • Security-Centric Software Development Rest assured that security continues to be at the forefront of every BIG-IP Next development and engineering decision, lowering vulnerability count and improving software security.


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