BIG-IP Next Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNFs)

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Consolidated virtualized N6 / S/Gi-LAN solution

VNFs and CNFs can be consolidated in the S/Gi-LAN or the N6 LAN in 5G networks. A consolidated approach results in simpler management and operation, reduced operational costs, and more opportunities to monetize functions and services. Functions can include DNS, Edge Firewall, DDoS, Policy Enforcer, and more.



  • Reduced CapEx and OpEx Costs - Up to 60% TCO Savings through reduced VMs and single-hop design.
  • Simplified Architecture - Easier to deploy, manage, maintain, and scale.
  • Increased Services Velocity - Easier to add and roll out new services.

Cloud and cloud-native security

An increasing threat surface, lack of fixed perimeters, increasing volumes of sensitive personal data, and accelerated app and code release cycles make security more challenging. BIG-IP Next Edge Firewall CNF is based on a proven and industry acknowledged security place leader, Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) with its unique, application-centric design.


  • Firewall, DDoS and IPS - Firewall, DDoS, and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) technology Based on F5 BIG-IP AFM.
  • CGNAT - Ease IPv6 migration and improve network scalability and security with IPv4 address management. Deploy as part of a security strategy.

4G and 5G edge function deployments

BIG-IP Next CNFs provide scalable, automated, resilient, manageable, and observable cloud-native functions and applications. Support dynamic elasticity, occupy a smaller footprint with fast restart, and use continuous deployment and automation principles.

cloud big-ip-next-4G-and-5G-edge-function-deployments

  • DNS Caching - Enable DNS caching and reduce DNS latency up to 80%.
  • DNS over HTTPS (DoH) - Allows your network to unencrypt and resolve DNS queries over HTTPS without impacting responses-per-second (RPS).
  • Policy and Traffic Management - Supports advanced policy and traffic management use cases. Improve QoE and ARPU with tools like traffic classification, video management and subscriber awareness.

Deploying a cloud-native infrastructure

CNF solutions are the perfect form factor for those looking to move workloads to a cloud-native architecture. For mobile service providers implementing 5G, or for fixed-line and cable service providers who are deploying data centers and adopting multi-access edge compute solutions. And large technology companies and enterprises looking to securely deploy revenue-generating apps in a Kubernetes based microservices architecture will benefit from BIG-IP Next CNFs.


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