Cambium CnPilot E600 Wi-Fi Access Point

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Cambium CnPilot E600 Wi-Fi Access Point
Wi-Fi Standards 802.11ac Wave 2 (Wi-Fi 5)
Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Data Transfer Rates Up to 1.3 Gbps (combined)
Antennas Internal omni-directional antennas
PoE Support IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) support
Ethernet Ports
2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports (1 x LAN, 1 x WAN)
Web-based GUI, SNMP, Cloud management
Wireless Security
WPA/WPA2-Enterprise, WPA3, MAC filtering, guest access
VLAN Support Yes
Mesh Networking Yes, supports mesh configurations
Guest Network
Separate guest network with captive portal
Quality of Service (QoS)
Traffic shaping, prioritization, and scheduling
Power Saving Dynamic power saving features
Mounting Options Wall and ceiling mounting
Varies (please refer to official documentation)
Power Source PoE+ or external power adapter
External Antenna Connector No
IP Rating
Indoor use (check specifications for environment suitability)
Management Software Compatibility
cnMaestro cloud-based or on-premises controller
Security Features
Firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, secure boot
Varies by region and reseller; typically 1-3 years

Features of Cambium CnPilot E600 Wi-Fi Access Point

The Cambium Networks cnPilot E600 is a high-performance Wi-Fi access point designed to provide reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity in various environments, including outdoor and indoor settings. It's part of Cambium Networks' cnPilot series of wireless solutions. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some key features and details about the Cambium cnPilot E600:


  1. Dual-Radio Operation: The cnPilot E600 supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, allowing for simultaneous dual-radio operation. This can improve the overall capacity and performance of the wireless network.

  2. High Throughput: The E600 is designed to deliver high throughput and capacity to support a large number of devices and applications simultaneously.

  3. Outdoor Capabilities: The E600 is suitable for outdoor deployment due to its ruggedized design and weather-resistant enclosure. It's designed to withstand challenging outdoor conditions.

  4. MU-MIMO Support: The access point supports MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology, which enables it to communicate with multiple client devices simultaneously, improving overall network efficiency.

  5. Cloud Management: The cnPilot E600 can be managed using Cambium Networks' cloud-based management system, allowing administrators to monitor and control multiple access points remotely.

  6. Security Features: The access point offers various security features, including WPA2/WPA3 encryption, secure guest access, and captive portal authentication.

  7. Scalability: It's designed to work well in both small-scale and large-scale deployments, making it suitable for various scenarios ranging from small businesses to larger enterprises.

  8. Power over Ethernet (PoE): The E600 typically supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) for both power and data connectivity, which simplifies installation by reducing the need for separate power cables.

  9. Mounting Options: The access point typically comes with various mounting options, such as wall mount and pole mount, making it versatile in terms of installation.

  10. Antenna Configuration: The E600 often features multiple external antenna connectors, allowing for flexible antenna configuration to optimize coverage.

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