Cisco C1111-8P Integrated 8 Port Router

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Model Cisco C1111-8P
Brand Cisco
Type Integrated Router
Wi-Fi Frequency 50-60 Hz
Interfaces One RJ-45: Separate console port
USB Storage Ports * USB 3.0 Type A host port

* USB devices supported:

* USB flash memory
PoE Ports
4 ports for -8P PIDs, 2 ports for -4P PIDs802.3af-compliant PoE or 802.3at-compliant PoE+
Flash Memory 4GB
Power AC 120/230 V
Power Consumption 66 Watt
Dimensions (W×D×H)
H x W X D = 1.75 x 12.7 x 9.03 in. (42 x 323 x 230mm)
Weight 5.5 Lbs. (2.5 kg) maximum
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Features of Cisco C1111-8P Integrated 8 Port Router

The Cisco C1111-8P is a model from the Cisco 1000 Series Integrated Services Router (ISR) family. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, branch offices, and other small enterprise deployments. The "8P" in its name indicates that it has eight integrated ports.

Here are some key features of the Cisco C1111-8P Integrated 8 Port Router:

  1. Performance: The router offers high-performance routing with support for WAN speeds up to 1 Gbps. It can handle multiple concurrent services, including data, security, and wireless connectivity.

  2. Integrated Ethernet Ports: The C1111-8P comes with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be used to connect wired devices, such as computers, servers, printers, and other networking equipment.

  3. Power over Ethernet (PoE): It supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) on its Ethernet ports. This means that the router can provide power to compatible devices, such as IP phones, wireless access points, or surveillance cameras, eliminating the need for separate power adapters.

  4. Security Features: The router incorporates advanced security features to help protect your network and data. It includes built-in firewall capabilities, VPN support for secure remote access, and threat defense mechanisms.

  5. Wireless Connectivity: The C1111-8P router offers optional built-in 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless functionality. This allows you to create a wireless network for your devices without the need for additional wireless access points.

  6. Software Features: It runs on Cisco's IOS XE operating system, which provides a wide range of features and capabilities, including advanced routing protocols, quality of service (QoS) controls, and management options.

  7. Expansion Slots: The router has an integrated USB port and a single integrated Multimode LTE Advanced Category 6 module slot. These expansion options allow you to connect additional devices or add cellular connectivity for backup or primary WAN access.

  8. Centralized Management: The Cisco C1111-8P can be managed through Cisco's network management tools, such as Cisco DNA Center or Cisco Prime Infrastructure. These tools provide centralized configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities for your network.

Overall, the Cisco C1111-8P Integrated 8 Port Router offers a compact and versatile solution for small to medium-sized networks, providing robust routing, security, and wireless features in a single device.

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