Cisco Firepower FPR-2120

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Firewall 6G
IPS Throughput 3.5G
12 x RJ45, 4 x SFP
Optional Interfaces N/A
FW + AVC (1024B)
3.4 Gbps
FW + AVC + IPS (1024B)
3.4 Gbps
Maximum concurrent sessions, with AVC 1.5 million
Maximum new connections per second, with AVC 18K
TLS 475 Mbps
IPS (1024B)
3.5 Gbps
IPSec VPN Throughput
(1024B TCP w/Fastpath)
1.2 Gbps
Maximum VPN Peers 3,500
Cisco Firepower Device Manager (local management) Yes

Features of Cisco Firepower FPR-2120

The Cisco Firepower FPR-2120 is a threat-focused security platform that provides superior threat defense and business resiliency. It is part of the Cisco Firepower 2100 series, which is a family of four security platforms that offer exceptional sustained performance when advanced threat functions are enabled. The FPR-2120 has a firewall throughput of 6G, an NGFW throughput of 3.4G, and an IPS throughput of 3.5G. It has 12 RJ45 interfaces and 4 SFP interfaces. The FPR-2120 can be deployed in both firewall and dedicated IPS modes.

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