Cisco UCS C240 M6 2U SFF Rack Server (12 Core)

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2 x Intel 4310 2.1GHz/120W 12C/18MB DDR4 2667MHz
2 x 32GB RDIMM DRx4 3200 (8Gb)
Hard Disk
2 x 2.4 TB 12G SAS 10K RPM SFF HDD (4K)
RAID Controller
Cisco 12G SAS RAID Controller w/4GB FBWC (16 Drv) w/2U Brkt
Intel i350 Quad Port 1Gb Adapter, Dual Port 10G LOM
Power Supply
2 x Cisco UCS 1050W AC Power Supply for Rack Server
Warranty 03 years warranty

Features of Cisco UCS C240 M6 2U SFF Rack Server (12 Core)

The Cisco UCS C240 M6 is a 2U rack server designed for data center environments. It is part of Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) portfolio and offers high performance, scalability, and versatility. The "12 Core" specification typically refers to the number of CPU cores available in the server.

Key features and specifications of the Cisco UCS C240 M6 2U SFF Rack Server may include:

  1. Processor: The server supports a variety of Intel Xeon Scalable processors, including models with 12 cores. The specific processor model may vary depending on the configuration chosen.

  2. Memory: The server supports a large memory capacity, typically ranging from 128GB to several terabytes, depending on the configuration. It uses DDR4 memory technology.

  3. Storage: The C240 M6 supports Small Form Factor (SFF) drives, including SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and SATA (Serial ATA) HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) or SSDs (Solid State Drives). The exact number and capacity of drives depend on the configuration and the disk bays available.

  4. PCIe Slots: The server includes multiple PCIe slots for expansion, allowing you to add additional components such as network adapters, storage controllers, or GPUs (Graphics Processing Units).

  5. Networking: The C240 M6 offers integrated networking capabilities, including multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports or higher-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. It may also support options for Fibre Channel connectivity.

  6. Management: Cisco UCS servers feature a unified management interface called Cisco Integrated Management Controller (IMC), which provides comprehensive server management, monitoring, and remote administration capabilities.

  7. Form Factor: The server is designed as a 2U form factor, meaning it occupies two rack units of space in a standard server rack.

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