Deepcool CF120 PLUS ARGB Case Fan (3 Pack)

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Fan Speed 500~1800 RPM±10%
Air Flow 52.5 CFM
Noise (dBA) ≤28.8 dB(A)
Input Current FAN Rated Current 0.18A
LED Rated Current 0.63A
Operating Voltage/Power Range FAN Rated Voltage 12VDC
LED Rated Voltage 5VDC
LED Rated Power 3.15W
Black color with Addressable RGB LED
Fan Dimension: 120×120×26.5mm
Weight 569g
Connector Fan Connector 4-Pin PWM
LED Connector 3-pin(+5V-D-G)
Manufacturing Warranty 01 year warranty
Others LED Type: Addressable RGB LED
Fan Air Pressure 2.08 mmAq
Fan Noise Level ≤28.8 dB(A)
FAN Power Consumption 2.16W

Features of Deepcool CF120 PLUS ARGB Case Fan (3 Pack)

The Deepcool CF120 PLUS ARGB Case Fan is a package of three case fans designed to provide cooling and aesthetic enhancements to your computer system. Here are some key features of the CF120 PLUS ARGB fans:

  1. Size and Compatibility: The CF120 PLUS ARGB fans come in a standard 120mm size, which is widely compatible with most computer cases that have 120mm fan mounts. This size ensures a good balance between airflow and noise level.

  2. ARGB Lighting: The fans feature Addressable RGB (ARGB) lighting, allowing you to customize the lighting effects and colors. ARGB lighting adds a vibrant and dynamic look to your PC setup. The lighting can be controlled using software or through an included controller.

  3. Fan Speed and Noise Level: The CF120 PLUS ARGB fans have a variable fan speed ranging from 500 to 1800 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). This range provides flexibility for adjusting the cooling performance according to your needs. The noise level is typically low, thanks to the fans' optimized blade design and anti-vibration mounting.

  4. Airflow and Pressure: The CF120 PLUS ARGB fans are designed to provide good airflow and static pressure. This helps in efficiently dissipating heat from the computer components and keeping them cool. The blade design and frame construction are optimized to strike a balance between airflow and static pressure performance.

  5. Easy Installation: The fans come with standard 3-pin connectors for power and a 3-pin ARGB connector for the lighting. Installing the fans is typically straightforward, requiring you to connect them to the appropriate headers on your motherboard or an ARGB controller.

What is the price of Deepcool CF120 PLUS ARGB Case Fan (3 Pack) in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Deepcool CF120 PLUS ARGB Case Fan (3 Pack) in bd is 3,200 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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