Deepcool XFAN 80 Case Cooling Fan

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Fan Speed 1800±10%RPM
Air Flow 21.8CFM (Max.)
Noise (dBA) 20.3dB(A)
Input Current Rated Current: 0.08±10%A
Operating Voltage/Power Range
Rated Voltage: 12VDC
Operating Voltage: 10.8~13.2VDC
Started Voltage: 7VDC
Color Black
High quality black material fan structure
Weight 82g
Manufacturing Warranty 01-year warranty

Features of Deepcool XFAN 80 Case Cooling Fan

The Deepcool XFAN 80 is a case cooling fan produced by Deepcool, a company specializing in computer cooling solutions. The XFAN 80 is designed to provide efficient airflow and cooling for computer cases, helping to maintain optimal temperatures for the components inside.

Key features of the Deepcool XFAN 80 include:

  1. Size: The XFAN 80 is an 80mm fan, referring to the diameter of the fan blades. This size is commonly used in compact computer cases or as additional cooling in larger cases.

  2. Airflow and Pressure: The fan is designed to deliver a specific airflow, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). It also provides static pressure, which is crucial for effectively pushing air through restrictive areas such as dense heatsinks or filters.

  3. Noise Level: The XFAN 80 is engineered to operate quietly, ensuring minimal noise production during operation. The noise level is usually measured in decibels (dB).

  4. Bearing Type: The fan utilizes a specific type of bearing, such as sleeve, ball, or fluid dynamic bearing (FDB), which affects its longevity, noise, and performance.

  5. Connector: The XFAN 80 typically connects to the motherboard or fan controller using a standard 3-pin or 4-pin connector. The 3-pin connector provides basic control, while the 4-pin connector enables more advanced speed control through pulse width modulation (PWM).

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