Dell EMC ME4024 Storage Array

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Dell EMC ME4024 Storage Array
1 x 10Gb iSCSI BaseT 8 Port Dual Controller
12 x Hard Drive Filler 2.5in, Single Blank
12 x 1.2T HDD 10K SAS12 2.5
Rack Rails 2U
Power Supply, 580W, Redundant, Flex
2 x Long Jumper Cord, C13-C14,4m,10a (APCC except ANZ)
03 Years Warranty

Features of Dell EMC ME4024 Storage Array 

The Dell EMC ME4024 Storage Array is a mid-range storage solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It is part of Dell EMC's portfolio of storage arrays and offers a balance between performance, scalability, and affordability.

Here are some key features and specifications of the Dell EMC ME4024 Storage Array:

  1. Capacity: The ME4024 supports up to 24 drives, including SAS, NL-SAS, and SSD options. It offers a maximum raw capacity of 576 terabytes (TB) using 24 x 24 TB NL-SAS drives.

  2. Performance: It utilizes a dual-controller architecture with active-active failover for high availability. The array supports a range of connectivity options, including Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, and SAS. It also includes features like automated tiering and caching to optimize performance based on workload demands.

  3. Expansion: The ME4024 supports expansion enclosures to increase the storage capacity. It can be expanded up to a total of 168 drives using additional drive enclosures.

  4. Data Protection: The storage array offers various data protection features, including RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10. It also supports snapshots, replication, and data-at-rest encryption to enhance data security.

  5. Management: The ME4024 includes intuitive management software, such as Dell EMC Unisphere, which provides a centralized interface for configuring, monitoring, and managing the storage array. It offers features like proactive diagnostics, performance monitoring, and reporting.

  6. Integration: The ME4024 integrates with other Dell EMC solutions and ecosystem, including VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack, to provide seamless integration within virtualized environments.

  7. Scalability: The ME4024 supports future growth and can be seamlessly integrated into existing Dell EMC storage infrastructures, allowing for scalability as business needs evolve.

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