Dell EMC PowerStore 3000T Storage

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4 x Intel CPUs, 48 cores per Array, 2.1 GHz
Memory 768 GB
Hard Disk
Min/Max Drives:
Min 6 Drives
Max 96 Drives
Raw Capacity (Min/Max): 11.5 TB/ 3.59 PBs per Cluster
RAID Controller Dynamic RAID
Operating System
Windows Storage Servers 2016 Standard Edition
4 x 4 lane 12Gb/s SAS ports for back end connection
Embedded System Management
PowerStore Manager
CloudIQ: Cloud-based storage analytics
Thin Provisioning
Dynamic RAID
Data Reduction: Zero Detect/Deduplication/Compression
Proactive Assist: Configure remote support, online chat, open a service request, etc.
Quality of Service (Block and vVols)
Block: FC, iSCSI and VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols)
2.0File: NFSv3, NFSv4, NFSv4.1; CIFS (SMB 1), SMB 2, SMB 3.0, SMB 3.02, and SMB 3.1.1; FTP and SFTP
6 Performance Fans forR740/740XD
ReadyRails Sliding Rails With Cable Management Arm
Power Supply and Cable
PowerStore appliances are powered by 2 redundant power supplies (PS) per enclosure.
Drive Bays Min 6 Drives
Max 96 Drives
3Yr ProSupport:Next Business Day Onsite Service-Emerging DBS

Features of Dell EMC PowerStore 3000T Storage

The Dell EMC PowerStore 3000T Storage is a mid-range storage solution offered by Dell Technologies. It is part of the PowerStore family, which is designed to deliver enterprise-class storage capabilities with built-in intelligence and modern data management features.

Key Features of the PowerStore 3000T:

  1. Performance: The PowerStore 3000T is designed to provide high-performance storage capabilities. It utilizes a combination of NVMe drives and advanced storage technologies to deliver low-latency and high-bandwidth performance for demanding workloads.

  2. Scalability: The storage system is scalable and can grow as per your organization's needs. It offers the ability to scale up in terms of capacity and performance, allowing you to expand storage resources as your data requirements increase.

  3. Data Reduction Technologies: The PowerStore 3000T incorporates data reduction technologies such as inline compression and deduplication to optimize storage efficiency. These features help reduce the overall storage footprint, saving space and costs.

  4. Multi-Protocol Support: It supports multiple storage protocols, including block (Fibre Channel, iSCSI) and file (NFS, SMB). This flexibility allows you to accommodate different types of workloads and integrate with various existing IT infrastructure setups.

  5. Data Management: The PowerStore 3000T includes advanced data management capabilities, such as thin provisioning, snapshots, replication, and encryption. These features enable efficient data protection, disaster recovery, and data security.

  6. Dell Technologies Cloud Platform Integration: PowerStore 3000T is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, providing a unified experience for managing and protecting data across on-premises and cloud environments.

  7. Intelligent Automation: The PowerStore storage systems leverage intelligent automation and machine learning algorithms to simplify storage management tasks. This includes performance optimization, workload balancing, and proactive monitoring for efficient operations.

  8. Dell EMC Future-Proof Program: The PowerStore 3000T is covered under the Dell EMC Future-Proof Program, which offers investment protection and provides guarantees for future upgrades, data-in-place migration, and flexible trade-in options.

Overall, the Dell EMC PowerStore 3000T Storage is a versatile and scalable storage solution that combines performance, data management capabilities, and intelligent automation to meet the storage needs of mid-range enterprise environments.

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