Dell Emc Unity XT 680 Hybrid Flash Storage

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Processor 2 dual-socket Intel CPUs, 48 cores; 2.1GHz
Memory 384GB
Drive Enclosure
2.5“drives in 2U twenty-five drive and 3.5” drives in 3U fifteen drive trays
Max Capacity 8PB
RAID Options 1/0, 5, 6
Min Drives 6 SSDs or 10 HDDs
Max Drives 1000
Max Fast Cache Up to 3.2 TBs U
Max SAN Hosts 1,024
Max Number of Pools 40
Max Number of LUNs per Array 2,000
Max LUN Size 256 TB
Max File Systems per Array 2000
Max File System Size 256 TB
Max FE (front end) Total Ports per Array 24
1 Gbase-T/iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array 24
10/25 GbE/iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array 24
Warranty 3 Years

Features of Dell Emc Unity XT 680 Hybrid Flash Storage

The Dell EMC Unity XT 680 Hybrid Flash Storage is a unified storage solution that comes with all-flash and hybrid arrays, a dual-active controller architecture, and enterprise-class data services1. It is designed to provide high performance, scalability, and efficiency for a wide range of SAN and NAS workloads2. Some of its key features include:

Unified block, file, and VMware VVols support: This feature enables you to consolidate mixed workloads onto a single array.
Up to 8.0PB max raw capacity: This feature future-proofs your investment by providing ample storage capacity for your growing needs.
NVMe-ready: This feature ensures that the storage system is ready for the latest NVMe technology.
Up to 5:1 data reduction: This feature reduces storage footprint and lowers TCO by optimizing efficiency.
Built-in encryption: This feature provides data-at-rest encryption for all drives in the system, ensuring that your data is secure.
Deep integration with VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack: This feature allows you to manage your storage system from within your virtualization or cloud environment.
Automated tiering and flash caching: This feature ensures that active data benefits from flash performance by automatically moving frequently accessed data to flash storage.
Dual-active controllers: This feature ensures high availability by allowing both controllers to be active simultaneously.

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