Dell PowerEdge R750xs Rack Server

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2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y 2.8G, 8C/16T, 10.4GT/s, 12M Cache, Turbo, HT (105W) DDR4-2666
PowerEdge R750xs Motherboard with Broadcom 5720 Dual Port 1Gb On-Board LOM
2 x 32GB RDIMM, 3200MT/s, Dual Rank, 16Gb BASE x8
Hard Disk
2 x 480GB SSD SATA Mix Use 6G 2.5in Hot-plug AG Drive
2 x 1.2TB Hard Drive SAS 12G 10k 2.5in Hot-Plug
RAID Controller
RAID Configuration: C7, Unconfigured RAID for HDDs or SSDs (Mixed Drive Types Allowed)
RAID/Internal Storage Controllers: Front PERC H745 Rear Load
Operating System No Operating System
2.5" Chassis with up to 8 Hard Drives (SAS/SATA), 2 CPU
Broadcom 57416 Dual Port 10GbE BASE-T Adapter, OCP NIC 3.0
Embedded System Management iDRAC9, Enterprise 15G
Fans Standard Fan x5
Optical Drive No Internal Optical Drive
Power Supply
Dual, Hot-plug, Power Supply Fully Redundant (1+1), 800W
Drive Bays Chassis with up to 8x2.5" Drives
ReadyRails Sliding Rails with Cable Management Arm
Warranty 3 years

Features of Dell PowerEdge R750xs Rack Server

Dell PowerEdge servers are known for their reliability, scalability, and performance. They are commonly used in enterprise environments, data centers, and cloud computing infrastructures. The "R" series indicates that the server is a rack-mounted model, designed to be installed in a server rack.

The specific features and specifications of the Dell PowerEdge R750xs might vary depending on the configuration and generation of the server. Here are some typical features found in Dell PowerEdge rack servers:

  1. Processor: PowerEdge servers usually offer a range of processor options from leading manufacturers such as Intel and AMD. These processors have multiple cores and high clock speeds to handle demanding workloads.

  2. Memory: PowerEdge servers typically support a large amount of RAM, allowing for efficient multitasking and data processing. The exact capacity and type of memory depend on the specific model and configuration.

  3. Storage: Dell PowerEdge servers offer various storage options, including hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs). They may also support RAID configurations for data redundancy and performance optimization.

  4. Expansion Slots: PowerEdge servers often have multiple expansion slots for adding additional network interface cards (NICs), storage controllers, or other peripherals to enhance connectivity and functionality.

  5. Redundancy and Reliability: Dell PowerEdge servers typically feature redundant power supplies and cooling systems to ensure high availability and minimize the risk of downtime.

  6. Management and Monitoring: PowerEdge servers come with comprehensive management tools and remote management capabilities to simplify server administration and monitoring tasks.

  7. Networking: These servers generally include multiple Ethernet ports to facilitate network connectivity and may support advanced networking features such as VLANs and network teaming.

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