Dell PowerStore 1200T

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Each appliance includes two active/active nodes
4 Intel Xeon CPUs 40 cores, 2.4 GHz
Memory 384GB
Max drives 93
NVRAM drives 2
Base enclosure
2U enclosure with dual active/active nodes and twenty-five (25) 2.5” NVMe drive slots
Expansion enclosures
2U enclosures with twenty-four (24) 2.5” NVMe drives slots, up to three per appliance.
Power supplies
Two redundant power supplies (PS) per base and per expansion enclosure.
Data resiliency
Dynamic Resiliency Engine (DRE), protects against multiple simultaneous drive failures
Max mezzanine cards 2
Max IO modules 4
Backend expansion
4 embedded 100GbE QSFP ports
Max 16/32Gb FC ports 16
Max 10GBase-T/iSCSI ports 24
Max 10/25 GbE/iSCSI ports 24
Max 100 GbE/iSCSI ports 8
Max capacity per appliance 4.52 PBe
Max capacity per cluster 18.06 PBe

Features of Dell PowerStore 1200T

Dell PowerStore 1200T is a storage solution designed to provide high performance, scalability, and flexibility for modern data storage needs. Some of its key features include:

  1. Unified Storage: PowerStore 1200T offers unified storage capabilities, allowing it to handle both block and file-based storage, making it versatile for a wide range of applications and workloads.

  2. NVMe Performance: With NVMe technology, it delivers exceptional performance, significantly reducing latency and improving data access speeds, which is crucial for modern applications.

  3. Intelligent Data Management: It includes intelligent data management features like built-in data reduction, thin provisioning, and snapshots, enabling efficient data storage and management.

  4. Scale-out Architecture: The PowerStore 1200T supports a scale-out architecture, which means you can add more resources and capacity as your storage needs grow, making it a highly scalable solution.

  5. Data Mobility: It allows you to move and manage data seamlessly across different storage tiers, whether it's on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, making data mobility and flexibility a key feature.

  6. Enterprise-class Data Protection: Provides enterprise-class data protection features, including disaster recovery capabilities, replication, and data encryption to safeguard your data.

  7. AI-Enhanced Operations: PowerStore 1200T includes Dell's machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities for predictive analytics and intelligent resource management, helping to optimize performance and reduce downtime.

  8. Simplified Management: It features a simple and user-friendly management interface, reducing the complexity of storage administration and making it easier to manage your storage infrastructure.

  9. Integration with Cloud Services: PowerStore 1200T can seamlessly integrate with cloud services, allowing you to leverage cloud resources and capabilities for data backup, archiving, and more.

  10. High Availability: It is designed for high availability with redundant components, ensuring that your data remains accessible even in the event of hardware failures.

  11. Remote Replication: Provides remote replication for data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity, ensuring your data is safe and accessible in various scenarios.

These features make Dell PowerStore 1200T a robust and versatile storage solution suitable for businesses with diverse storage needs, combining high performance with scalability and ease of management.

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