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What is F5 NGINX Plus?

F5 NGINX Plus is a suite of products that form the core of what organizations need to deliver applications with performance, reliability, security, and scale. It provides adaptable and dynamic load balancing and lightweight, real-time NGINX API gateways. It also offers NGINX App Protect WAF and DoS protection for apps and APIs with global policies and fine-grained controls for developers and API owners.

Choosing NGINX offers scalable web traffic management, while F5 enhances security and optimizes applications for a comprehensive solution.

Current application framework and dev groups love NGINX In addition to. Something other than the quickest web server around, NGINX In addition to brings you all that you love about NGINX Open Source, adding enterprise‑grade highlights like high accessibility, dynamic wellbeing checks, DNS system discovery, session persistence, and a Tranquil Programming interface. NGINX In addition to is a cloud‑native, simple to-utilize switch intermediary, load balancer, and Programming interface door. Whether you really want to coordinate high level checking, reinforce security controls, or arrange Kubernetes holders, NGINX In addition to conveys with the five‑star help you anticipate from NGINX.

How to Use NGINX Plus

  • Enterprise-Grade Features: NGINX Plus provides scalable and reliable high availability along with monitoring to support debugging and diagnosing complex application architectures. Active health checks proactively poll upstream server status to get ahead of issues, and the integrated live activity monitoring dashboard provides a single‑pane view of your app environment. The NGINX Plus API enables integration with your existing tools, optimizing resources and reducing tool sprawl.


  • Advanced Security: Reduce security breaches and limit your organization’s exposure to malicious users with NGINX Plus’s request and connection limiting, TLS 1.3 support, dynamic certificate loading, and JWT authentication. Add on the NGINX App Protect WAF to secure your modern apps and APIs.


  • Load Balancer: NGINX Plus gives you enterprise‑grade load balancing with session persistence, active health checks, and dynamic reconfiguration without needing a server restart. Intelligent, high‑scale load balancing of HTTP, TCP, and UDP traffic is easy with NGINX Plus. Supporting numerous algorithms such as Random with Two Choices, NGINX Plus enables you to maintain high performance whatever your infrastructure.


  • API Gateway: With cloud vendors making it easier and easier to deploy API gateways, how do you know which is right for you? NGINX Plus supports all API gateway models – from an edge gateway providing TLS termination and rate limiting, to request routing in a service mesh scenario. Whatever your scenario, NGINX Plus manages API traffic right alongside regular web traffic, translating between protocols while reducing complexity and maintaining the high performance you expect from NGINX.


  • Reverse Proxy: Bringing session persistence, caching, and multiple algorithms, NGINX Plus maximizes speed and capacity for the resiliency and scale that enterprises need. With active health checks and enhanced security, NGINX Plus as a reverse proxy provides an additional defense against security attacks while ensuring that all requests land at an operational server. Add in intelligent request routing at high concurrency, request modification, and the ability to add or delete headers, and NGINX Plus supports all your reverse proxy use cases.


  • NGINXaaS for Azure: NGINX Plus is available as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering that empowers enterprises to deliver consistent, secure, and high-performance apps in the cloud – deployed straight from the Azure Marketplace with just a few clicks in the Azure Portal. NGINXaaS for Azure integrates seamlessly with the Azure ecosystem and addresses a wide range of deployment scenarios. In addition, the service supports the migration of existing NGINX configurations to the cloud with minimal effort.

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