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Firewall Throughput 800 Mbps
VPN Throughput 150 Mbps
Concurrent Sessions 500,000
3 x GE RJ45, 1 x GE SFP, 1 x USB
Power Input 12V DC or PoE
Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Dimensions 30.5 x 20.5 x 4.5 cm
Weight 2.27 kg
Advanced threat protection, intrusion prevention, web filtering, antivirus, antispam, SSL inspection, application control
Management Web UI, CLI, SNMP, FortiExplorer
IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613, NEMA TS-2, EAC, UL, CE, FCC, RoHS


The Fortinet FortiGateRugged-35D (FGR-35D) is a ruggedized network security appliance designed and manufactured by Fortinet. It is specifically built to withstand harsh environments and provide secure network connectivity and threat protection in demanding industrial and outdoor settings.

Key features of the FortiGateRugged-35D include:

  1. Rugged Design: The appliance is built to endure extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and vibrations commonly found in industrial environments. It has a robust and durable enclosure that protects it from physical damage.

  2. Network Security: The FGR-35D offers a comprehensive suite of security features to protect networks from various threats. It includes firewall functionality, intrusion prevention system (IPS), virtual private network (VPN) capabilities, antivirus and antimalware protection, application control, web filtering, and more.

  3. High-Performance Connectivity: The appliance supports multiple interfaces and ports for flexible connectivity options. It typically includes Ethernet ports for LAN and WAN connections, allowing for secure network access and connectivity to the internet.

  4. Centralized Management: The FGR-35D can be managed and configured centrally using Fortinet's FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliances. This enables streamlined management of multiple devices and provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of network security events.

  5. Fortinet Security Fabric Integration: As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, the FGR-35D can seamlessly integrate with other Fortinet security products, such as FortiSandbox, FortiMail, and FortiClient, to create a unified and coordinated security infrastructure.

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