Fusion 360

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Features of Fusion 360

Feature Description
Parametric 3D Modeling
Robust tools for creating and editing 3D models.
Cloud-Based Collaboration
Collaborate on designs in real-time using cloud storage.
CAM (Computer-Aided Machining)
Integrated CAM tools for CNC machining.
Simulation and FEA
Conduct simulations and finite element analysis (FEA).
Generative Design
Use algorithms to generate optimized design options.
Electronics Design
Design electronic components and circuits.
Rendering and Visualization
Create realistic renderings and visualizations.
Sheet Metal Design
Tools for designing sheet metal components.
Parametric Assemblies
Create and manage parametric assemblies.
Version Control
Manage design versions and revisions.
Additive Manufacturing
Support for designing components for 3D printing.
Cross-Disciplinary Workflows
Seamless integration of design, engineering, and manufacturing.

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