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Brand Havit
Model HV-MS887GT
Wireless Technology 2.4GHz
Wireless Distance 10m
The Number Of Keys 3
Resolution 800-1200-1600dpi
Dimension(LxWxH) 100x58x35mm


The HAVIT HV-MS887GT is a wireless optical mouse produced by HAVIT, a Chinese electronics company that specializes in computer peripherals and accessories. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can provide you with general information about this product.

Features of the HAVIT HV-MS887GT Wireless Optical Mouse might include:

  1. Wireless Connectivity: The mouse connects to your computer using wireless technology, typically through a USB receiver that plugs into your computer's USB port.

  2. Optical Sensor: The mouse likely uses an optical sensor for tracking movement. This technology uses light to detect movement on a surface and does not require a mouse pad.

  3. Ergonomic Design: The mouse is designed to be comfortable for extended use, with a shape that fits well in the hand.

  4. DPI (Dots Per Inch) Adjustment: It might have an adjustable DPI setting, allowing you to change the sensitivity of the mouse to suit your preference.

  5. Scroll Wheel and Buttons: Like most mice, it should have a scroll wheel for easy navigation and additional buttons that can be programmable for specific functions.

  6. Battery Life: The battery life depends on the specific model, but most wireless mice have a decent battery life that can last for weeks or months depending on usage.

  7. Compatibility: The mouse should be compatible with major operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What is the Price of HAVIT HV-MS887GT WIRELESS OPTICAL MOUSE in Bangladesh?

The latest price of HAVIT HV-MS887GT WIRELESS OPTICAL MOUSE in Bangladesh is 410 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in BD

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