Havit KB2006 Wired Keyboard

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Model Havit KB2006
Number Of Keys 104 Keys
Key Life 8000000 Times
Interface USB
43.8 X 12.8 X 2.2 CM
Cable Length 1300mm
Operating Voltage 5V
Operating Current 100mA
Cable Length 1.3M
Gross Weight: 10.2 Kg

Net Weight: 8 Kg
Compatible with Windows and macOS
Keyboard Layout
Standard 104-key layout with full-size keys
Warranty 01 Year

Features of Havit KB2006 Wired Keyboard

The Havit KB2006 is a basic wired keyboard designed for general use, gaming, or office work. It typically comes with a standard layout and features a USB interface for connecting to a computer. Some of its characteristics may include:

  1. Wired Connectivity: The keyboard connects to a computer using a USB cable, which ensures a stable and reliable connection.

  2. Standard Layout: The keyboard likely features a standard 104-key layout, which includes the typical keys found on most standard keyboards, including a numeric keypad and function keys.

  3. Membrane Key Switches: Havit keyboards often utilize membrane key switches, which are quiet and suitable for general typing tasks.

  4. Multimedia Keys: Some models may have additional multimedia keys or shortcuts for controlling media playback, volume, and other functions.

  5. Backlighting (optional): Depending on the specific variant, the Havit KB2006 might offer LED backlighting, allowing users to type in low-light environments or adding an aesthetic touch.

  6. Compatibility: The keyboard is likely compatible with major operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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