HAYLOU GX1 Professional Live Microphone

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  • Studio-level sound quality
  • 25mm condenser capsule
  • 192kHz sampling rate
  • Aviation aluminum Mesh
  • Colorful RGB light
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Latency-free monitoring
  • One-key mute & volume control
  • 24 Bit depth
  • 6 Months Warranty

Features Of HAYLOU GX1 Professional Live Microphone

The HAYLOU GX1 Professional Live Microphone is a top-of-the-line microphone that offers studio-level sound quality. It boasts a 25mm condenser capsule and a 192kHz sampling rate, ensuring crystal clear audio capture. The aviation aluminum mesh and colorful RGB light add to its sleek design. The microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern, providing clear and directional sound. Latency-free monitoring allows for real-time audio output, making it perfect for live performance. The GX1 also includes one-key mute and volume control, making it easy to adjust your sound on the fly. With 24bit depth, the audio output is highly detailed and vibrant. This professional microphone comes with a 6 month warranty. Whether you're a live performer or recording in the studio, the HAYLOU GX1 is an excellent choice for capturing professional-level audio.

Price Of HAYLOU GX1 Professional Live Microphone

The latest price of GX1 Live Microphone in Bangladesh is 5,390Taka.

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