HP BP02XL Orignal/A Grade Laptop Battery

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Battery Type
Li-polymer Orignal/A Grade Laptop Battery
Battery Voltage 7.7V
Capacity 42WH
No. of Cell 4-cell
Compatible Laptop Model
5-AU000, 15-AU004NG , 15-AU010NG 15-AU010WM, 15-AU011NG, 15-AU013NG, 15-AU014NG, 15- AU018WM, 15-AU020WM, 15-AU022TX, 15-AU023CL, 15-AU025NG , 15-AU028CA, 15-AU030NR, 15-AU030WM, 15-AU034TX, 15-AU035TX , 15-AU037TX, 15-AU038TX, 15-AU040TX, 15-AU041TX, 15-AU046NG, 15-AU050TX, 15-AU057CL, 15-AU063CL 15-AU063NR 15-AU072SA , 15-AU076SA 15- AU077SA 15-AU078SA 15-AU086NIA 15-AU087NIA , 15-AU090TX, 15-AU091NR, 15-AU095ND, 15-AU095TX, 15-AU096TX , 15-AU097TX 15- AU099TX, 15-AU103NG, 15-AU105NG
Battery Part Number
HP 849569-421 849569-541 849569-542 , 849569-543 849909-850 BP02XL BP02041XL HSTNN-UB7B , HSTNN-LB7H TPN- Q172 TPN-Q175 2ICP7/65/80; , HP Pavilion 15-AW000 15T-AW000 15-AW053NR 15-AW026UR , 15-AW027NA 15-AW068NR 15-AW070CA 15-AW070NO 15-AW071NB , 15-AW072NB 15-AW073NO 15-AW077NR 15-AW078NR 15-AW083NA , 15-AW083SA 15-AW084NA 15-AW084SA 15-AW094NR 15-AW095NB , 15-AW097NIA 15-AW099NIA 15-AW167CL 15-aw200cy 15z-aw000 , 15-AU106NG 15-AU107NG 15-AU108NG 15-AU109NG 15-AU111NG , 15-AU113NG 15-AU114TX
03 months warranty

Features of HP BP02XL Orignal/A Grade Laptop Battery

HP BP02XL is a specific model of laptop battery used in some HP laptops. "Orignal/A Grade" likely refers to two different types of batteries:

  1. Original: An original battery is manufactured by the same company that made the laptop, in this case, HP. Original batteries are designed to meet the exact specifications and quality standards set by the laptop manufacturer. They are generally considered the best option for replacement, as they are more likely to offer the same performance and compatibility as the battery that came with the laptop.

  2. A Grade: A Grade batteries are typically aftermarket batteries that are manufactured to meet or exceed the quality standards of the original batteries. These batteries are often made by third-party companies and are meant to be compatible with the specified HP laptop model. A Grade batteries can be a more affordable alternative to original batteries, but their quality and performance may vary depending on the manufacturer.

What is the price of HP BP02XL Orignal/A Grade Laptop Battery in Bangladesh?

The latest price of HP BP02XL Orignal/A Grade Laptop Battery in bd is 3,950.00 Taka. To buy this  please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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