HPE ML30 Gen 10 Intel Xeon E-2124 Processor 16GB RAM 2x1TB HDD Tower Server

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Intel Xeon E-2124 Quad-Core Processor
Processor Speed
Up to 3.3 GHz (base frequency)
16GB DDR4 ECC Registered RAM
2x 1TB SATA Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)
RAID Controller
Optional RAID controller for data redundancy
Expansion Slots
PCIe slots for additional cards
Network Connectivity
Integrated Gigabit Ethernet (1 GbE)
USB Ports
Multiple USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports
Operating System Support
Compatible with various server operating systems
Form Factor Tower (4U)
Power Supply
Standard ATX power supply
Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) for remote management
TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for enhanced security

Features of HPE ML30 Gen 10 Intel Xeon E-2124 Processor 16GB RAM 2x1TB HDD Tower Server

The HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 is a tower server designed for small to medium-sized businesses. The specific configuration with an Intel Xeon E-2124 processor, 16GB RAM, and 2x1TB HDD, is a common setup for this server model. Here are some of the key features and specifications of this server:

  1. Processor:

    • Intel Xeon E-2124 processor
    • The E-2124 is a quad-core processor with eight threads and a base clock speed of 3.3 GHz.
  2. Memory (RAM):

    • 16GB of RAM (Random Access Memory)
    • ECC (Error-Correcting Code) memory for data integrity and reliability.
  3. Storage:

    • 2x1TB HDD (Hard Disk Drives)
    • Support for multiple storage configurations, including various HDD and SSD options, as well as RAID configurations for data redundancy and performance.
  4. Form Factor:

    • Tower server design, suitable for office environments.
    • Compact and space-efficient.
  5. Expansion Slots:

    • Multiple PCIe slots for additional expansion, allowing you to add various peripherals or upgrade components like network cards or storage controllers.
  6. Networking:

    • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet for network connectivity.
    • Optional network card upgrades are available for increased network throughput or redundancy.
  7. Management:

    • Integrated Lights Out (iLO) management for remote server management and monitoring.
    • HPE Smart Array for storage management.
  8. Operating System Support:

    • Compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows Server, Linux distributions, and virtualization platforms like VMware and Hyper-V.
  9. Scalability:

    • Designed for scalability, making it suitable for growing businesses. You can expand the server's capabilities by adding more storage, memory, or networking options as needed.
  10. Reliability:

    • HP ProLiant servers are known for their reliability and are designed to provide continuous uptime for critical business operations.
  11. Security:

    • Includes security features like secure boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for data protection.
  12. Power Efficiency:

    • Energy-efficient design to help reduce power consumption and operating costs.
  13. Quiet Operation:

    • Designed to operate quietly, making it suitable for office environments where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.
  14. Warranty:

    • Typically comes with a standard warranty, with the option to purchase additional support and maintenance services.

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