Industrial Endpoint Security

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  • Scan malware on devices with prohibited software installation
  • Scan malware on distributed offline devices


  • Recover infected devices: Quick sanitization of infected devices without software installation 


  • Inspect devices prior to shipping: Pre-shipment inspection without software installation.

           Portable Security 3                                   

  • Securely transfer sensitive data in an air-gapped environment: Files stored in secure storage are scanned and encypted with AES-256

           Portable Security 3 Pro Edition         

  • Protect legacy OS running devices: Protects legacy devices by system lockdown

           TXOne StellarProtect                  

  • Protect offline devices: Protects offline devices without relying on pattern files

          TXOne StellarProtect                     

  • Protect fixed function devices in a shop floor: Touch-free, industrial-grade, next-generation antivirus that doesn't impede performance

         TXOne StellarProtect                          

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