Kaspersky Total Security One-User 1 year

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Features of Kaspersky Total Security One-User 1 year

Kaspersky Total Security is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that offers protection for your devices against various online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and more. It provides multiple layers of defense to safeguard your privacy, sensitive information, and digital assets.

The "One-User 1 year" version of Kaspersky Total Security refers to a license that allows you to use the software on one device for a duration of one year. This license is typically meant for individual users who want to protect their personal computer, laptop, or mobile device.

With Kaspersky Total Security, you can expect the following features:

  1. Real-time Protection: The software continuously monitors your device for any malicious activities and scans files, emails, and web traffic in real-time to detect and block threats.

  2. Anti-Malware: It provides advanced anti-malware technology to detect and remove viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, and other types of malicious software.

  3. Safe Browsing: Kaspersky Total Security helps you browse the internet safely by blocking dangerous websites, phishing attempts, and malicious links that could potentially harm your device or steal your personal information.

  4. Firewall: It includes a firewall that adds an extra layer of protection by monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic and blocking unauthorized access to your device.

  5. Privacy Protection: The software offers privacy features such as webcam and microphone protection, ensuring that no unauthorized access occurs. It also helps you secure your online identity and sensitive information while using online banking or shopping websites.

  6. Parental Controls: Kaspersky Total Security includes parental control features, allowing you to monitor and restrict your child's online activities, block inappropriate content, and set time limits for device usage.

  7. Secure Online Transactions: When performing online transactions, Kaspersky Total Security provides a secure environment to protect your financial information from being intercepted or stolen.

  8. Password Manager: It includes a password manager that securely stores your passwords and helps generate strong, unique passwords for different online accounts.

  9. Backup and Encryption: You can back up your important files and documents and encrypt them to protect them from unauthorized access.

  10. Device Optimization: Kaspersky Total Security also includes features to optimize the performance of your device by removing junk files, managing startup items, 

What is the Price of Kaspersky Total Security One-User 1 year in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Kaspersky Total Security One-User 1 year in BD is 1200.00 Taka. To buy this Internet Security please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in BD.

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