Lenovo Laptop Adapter Charger 5V 4A 20W (3.5mm X 1.35mm)

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Output Voltage 5V
Output Current 4A
Output Power 20W
Connector Size
3.5mm x 1.35mm
Lenovo laptops and compatible devices
Input Voltage
100V - 240V AC (Auto-Sensing)
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
Overload, Overvoltage, Short circuit
Certification CE, RoHS, FCC
Cable Length Varies

Features of Lenovo Laptop Adapter Charger 5V 4A 20W (3.5mm X 1.35mm)

  1. Voltage and Current Output: The charger provides a voltage output of 5 volts (5V) and a current output of 4 amps (4A). This combination results in a power output of 20 watts (20W) using the formula: Power (W) = Voltage (V) × Current (A).

  2. Connector Size: The charger has a 3.5mm X 1.35mm connector. This refers to the dimensions of the plug that goes into your laptop's charging port. It's important to ensure that the connector size matches your laptop's charging port to ensure compatibility.

  3. Compatibility: This charger is likely designed to be compatible with specific models of Lenovo laptops that require the same voltage and current specifications. Make sure to verify the compatibility of the charger with your laptop model before purchasing.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Modern laptop chargers often come with energy-efficient designs to minimize power loss during the conversion process. Lenovo typically aims for energy-efficient chargers to help conserve electricity and reduce overall power consumption.

  5. Built-in Protections: Good quality chargers often feature built-in protections such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection. These protections help safeguard your laptop and the charger itself from potential damage due to voltage spikes or other electrical issues.

  6. Cable Length: The length of the charging cable that connects the charger to your laptop can vary. It's a good idea to ensure that the cable length is suitable for your needs, especially if you need some flexibility in how far you can position the charger from the power outlet.

  7. Compact Design: Laptop chargers are often designed to be compact and portable, making them easy to carry in your laptop bag or travel case.

  8. LED Indicators: Some chargers come with LED indicators that show whether the charger is properly connected and actively charging your laptop. This can be useful for quickly checking the charging status.

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