Marsriva KP1 Ultra 30W Mini DC UPS for Router

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Marsriva KP1 Ultra 30W Mini DC UPS
Output Power 30W
Input Voltage AC 100-240V
Output Voltage DC 12V
Battery Capacity
(Usually specified in milliampere-hours or watt-hours)
Battery Type
Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Recharge Time
(Usually specified in hours)
Transfer Time
(Usually specified in milliseconds)
Output Connections
DC jack, USB, or other specified connectors
Overload Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Battery Level Indicator
LED indicator or other display type
(Usually specified in millimeters or inches)
(Usually specified in grams or kilograms)
Additional Features
(E.g., surge protection, automatic voltage regulation)

Features of Marsriva KP1 Ultra 30W Mini DC UPS for Router

The Marsriva KP1 Ultra 30W Mini DC UPS is a device designed to provide uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to small electronic devices, such as routers, in the event of a power outage. Here are some of the uses and benefits of using the Marsriva KP1 Ultra 30W Mini DC UPS for routers:

  1. Continuous Internet Connectivity: By connecting your router to the Mini DC UPS, you ensure that your internet connection remains active even during power cuts. This is particularly important for those who rely on a stable internet connection for work, online communication, or entertainment purposes.

  2. Home Network Connectivity: In homes with multiple devices connected to the same network, such as smart devices, computers, and gaming consoles, a UPS for the router ensures that the entire network stays connected during power disruptions.

  3. Home Security: Many modern home security systems rely on internet connectivity to function properly. By using a Mini DC UPS for the router, you can keep your security cameras, sensors, and other connected devices active and ensure continuous monitoring and protection.

  4. Remote Working: With the increasing trend of remote work, having a UPS for your router becomes crucial. It allows you to work from home without worrying about sudden power interruptions affecting your online meetings or file uploads.

  5. Data Backup: Some routers have built-in storage or attached external drives for data backup. The UPS ensures that these backup processes remain unaffected during power outages, preventing data loss and maintaining data integrity.

  6. VoIP and Phone Systems: If you use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your phone system, a Mini DC UPS ensures that your communication lines stay open during power failures, allowing you to make and receive calls without disruption.

  7. Home Automation: If you have a smart home setup with various connected devices and automation routines, a UPS for your router ensures that these systems continue to function smoothly even during power blackouts.

  8. Remote Monitoring: For businesses that use remote monitoring systems, such as IoT devices, having a UPS for the router is essential to maintain real-time data updates and receive critical alerts.

  9. Gaming: Gamers who play online games or require internet access for multiplayer gaming can benefit from the uninterrupted connectivity provided by a Mini DC UPS during power outages.

What is the price of Marsriva KP1 Ultra 30W Mini DC UPS for Router in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Marsriva KP1 Ultra 30W Mini DC UPS for Router in Bangladesh is 4,500.00 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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