Meetion MT-K841 Wired Black Ultra-thin Keyboard

Sale price৳ 600.00


Meetion MT-K841
Connectivity Wired USB
Color Black
Keyboard Layout
Full-size 104 keys (standard QWERTY layout)
Ultra-thin Design
Slim and sleek profile for a modern look
Key Type
Membrane keys
Key Travel
Short key travel for quick typing
Backlit No
Multimedia Function Keys
Dedicated multimedia keys for easy media control
Partial anti-ghosting for simultaneous key presses
Windows Lock Key
Windows key lock function to prevent accidental presses
Designed to resist minor spills and accidents
Compatible with Windows and other major operating systems
Cable Length
Standard USB cable length
Approx. (L) x (W) x (H)
Approx. weight in grams
Additional Features
N-Key rollover, tactile feedback, durable build

Features of Meetion MT-K841 Wired Black Ultra-thin Keyboard

The Meetion MT-K841 Wired Black Ultra-thin Keyboard is a computer keyboard manufactured by Meetion, a company that specializes in gaming peripherals and computer accessories.

Here are some key features of the Meetion MT-K841 keyboard:

  1. Design: The keyboard is described as "ultra-thin," suggesting a slim and sleek design that can be aesthetically pleasing and space-saving.

  2. Connectivity: It is a wired keyboard, meaning it connects to a computer using a USB cable. This ensures a stable and reliable connection.

  3. Compatibility: The keyboard is designed to work with various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  4. Key Switches: It likely features standard membrane key switches, which are common in budget keyboards. These switches do not provide the same tactile feedback and durability as mechanical switches but are generally quieter and more affordable.

  5. Multimedia Keys: Many modern keyboards come with additional multimedia keys or shortcuts for easy access to functions like volume control, play/pause, and media playback.

  6. Color: As the name suggests, the keyboard comes in black color.

  7. Gaming Features (optional): Depending on the model, there might be some gaming-oriented features like anti-ghosting technology, customizable RGB lighting, or dedicated gaming mode.

What is the price of Meetion MT-K841 Wired Black Ultra-thin Keyboard in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Meetion MT-K841 Wired Black Ultra-thin Keyboard in bd is 600 Taka. To buy this  please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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