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Brand Micron
Capacity 32GB
Speed 2400MHz
Error Correction Code (ECC) Yes
Voltage 1.2V
Form Factor
DIMM (Dual In-Line Memory Module)
CAS Latency CL17
Rank Single Rank
Memory Configuration 2Rx4
Memory Organization 2048M x 4
Memory Buffer Unbuffered

Features of MICRON 32GB DDR4 2400MHZ ECC RAM

The Micron 32GB DDR4 2400MHz ECC RAM is a type of memory module designed for use in servers and workstations that require error-correcting code (ECC) functionality. ECC RAM is capable of detecting and correcting certain types of memory errors, providing higher reliability and data integrity compared to non-ECC RAM.

Here are some key features of the Micron 32GB DDR4 2400MHz ECC RAM:

  1. Capacity: The RAM module has a total capacity of 32GB, which means it can store a significant amount of data in memory.

  2. DDR4 Technology: DDR4 is the fourth generation of double data rate (DDR) memory technology. It offers improved performance and energy efficiency compared to previous generations.

  3. Speed: The RAM operates at a frequency of 2400MHz, which refers to the data transfer rate or the number of cycles per second the RAM can perform.

  4. ECC Functionality: ECC is a feature that allows the RAM module to detect and correct certain types of data corruption that may occur during data storage or retrieval.

  5. Compatibility: The Micron 32GB DDR4 2400MHz ECC RAM is compatible with systems that support DDR4 memory and have ECC functionality. It is commonly used in servers, workstations, and other enterprise-level computing environments.

  6. Reliability: ECC RAM is known for its improved reliability due to its error-detection and correction capabilities. This can help prevent data corruption, system crashes, and other issues caused by memory errors.

It's worth noting that DDR4 RAM modules come in various speeds, capacities, and configurations, so it's essential to verify the specific requirements of your system before purchasing RAM to ensure compatibility.

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