Mikrotik CCR1016-12S-1S+ Cloud Core Industrial Grade 10G Router

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Model: CCR1016-12S-1S+
Frequency: 1.2 GHz
CPU: TLR4-01680CH-12CE-A3b
Interface USB ports: 1 x 24 V - 24 V
Wireless Standards None
Frequency 1.2 GHz

Features of Mikrotik CCR1016-12S-1S+ Cloud Core Industrial Grade 10G Router

The MikroTik CCR1016-12S-1S+ is a high-performance cloud core router designed for industrial-grade networking environments. It is part of MikroTik's Cloud Core Router series, which is known for its robustness, advanced features, and high-speed connectivity options.

Here are some key features and specifications of the MikroTik CCR1016-12S-1S+:

  1. Performance: The router is powered by a Tilera Tile-Gx16 CPU with 16 CPU cores, offering excellent performance for demanding networking tasks.

  2. Ports: It features 12 SFP+ ports, which support 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections. These ports provide high-speed connectivity options for connecting various devices and network segments.

  3. Additional Port: In addition to the SFP+ ports, the router also includes a single SFP port (1Gbps) for connecting lower-speed devices or uplinking to other network devices.

  4. Hardware Redundancy: The CCR1016-12S-1S+ includes dual redundant power supplies, ensuring high availability and reliability in critical networking environments.

  5. RAM and Storage: It comes with 2 GB of RAM, allowing for efficient handling of routing and switching tasks. The router also has an onboard NAND storage of 512 MB.

  6. Operating System: The router runs MikroTik's RouterOS, a powerful and versatile operating system specifically designed for MikroTik devices. RouterOS provides advanced routing and security features, along with a user-friendly management interface.

  7. Advanced Features: The CCR1016-12S-1S+ supports a wide range of networking features, including routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, RIP), firewall and NAT capabilities, VPN (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP), Quality of Service (QoS), and more. It also supports advanced traffic shaping and packet filtering, making it suitable for various network deployment scenarios.

  8. Management Options: The router can be managed through various interfaces, including a web-based GUI, CLI (Command-Line Interface), and the MikroTik's mobile app (for basic management tasks). Additionally, the router supports remote management through SSH, Telnet, and Winbox (MikroTik's proprietary management utility).

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