Montech Z1 ARGB 120mm Casing Fan

ID: Montech Z1 001
Sale price৳ 730.00


Fan Speed 1200 RPM ± 10%
Air Flow 30 CFM
Noise (dBA) 25 dBA
Operating Voltage/Power Range DC 12V
Color White
Size 120x120x25mm
Connector 3pin/4pin
Manufacturing Warranty No Warranty

Features of Montech Z1 ARGB 120mm Casing Fan

The Montech Z1 ARGB 120mm Casing Fan is a cooling fan designed for computer cases. It features a 120mm fan size, which is a common size for case fans. The "ARGB" in its name stands for Addressable RGB, indicating that the fan has individually controllable RGB LEDs for customizable lighting effects.

Key features of the Montech Z1 ARGB 120mm Casing Fan may include:

  1. Lighting Effects: The fan's RGB LEDs can produce various lighting effects, allowing you to customize the colors and patterns to match your preferences or sync them with other RGB components in your system.

  2. Addressable RGB: The fan supports addressable RGB control, meaning you can control the lighting effects for each individual LED on the fan separately. This provides greater flexibility in creating unique lighting setups.

  3. Silent Operation: The fan is designed to operate quietly, ensuring minimal noise while providing adequate airflow for cooling your computer components.

  4. Balanced Airflow: The fan is designed to provide a balanced airflow, helping to maintain optimal temperatures inside the computer case and prevent overheating.

  5. Easy Installation: The Montech Z1 ARGB 120mm Casing Fan typically comes with standard mounting options and connectors, making it easy to install in most computer cases that support 120mm fans.

  6. Compatibility: It is important to ensure compatibility with your motherboard or fan controller. The fan should support the appropriate connector type (e.g., 3-pin or 4-pin) and be compatible with your chosen lighting control software or hardware.

What is the price of Montech Z1 ARGB 120mm Casing Fan in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Montech Z1 ARGB 120mm Casing Fan in bd is 730.00 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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