NetApp AFF A900 All Flash SAN storage

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Best for Performance-driven workloads and mission-critical applications requiring high resiliency
Maximum scale-out 24 nodes
Maximum SSD 5760
Max Effective Capacity[3] 702.7PB
Controller Chassis Form Factor 8U
Power Consumption (Median)
2450W (with NS224)

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Features of NetApp AFF A900 All Flash SAN storage

The NetApp AFF A900 is an all-flash SAN storage array that is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises and cloud service providers. It is built for mission-critical applications that require high performance, reliability, and security. The AFF A900 is powered by NVMe flash storage and offers unparalleled performance with up to 2.4 million IOPS per system and latency as low as 100µs. It is also equipped with anti-ransomware security in the ONTAP data management software, which ensures that your data is safe from potentially catastrophic ransomware attacks.

The AFF A900 is built upon a high-resiliency modular architecture, which delivers leading reliability, availability, and serviceability for the most critical business applications. It supports multi-protocol, including NVMe/TCP and NVMe/FC, and offers unparalleled performance. The AFF A900 system delivers a premium data management solution with built-in data protection and security, while providing maximum flexibility and simplicity.

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