NetApp AFF C800 All Flash SAN Storage

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Best for
More demanding workloads requiring moderately high performance and high capacity
Maximum scale-out 24 nodes
Raw capacity 182TB-2.2PB
Max Effective Capacity[2] 176PB
Controller Chassis Form Factor
4U; 48 internal SSD slots
Power Consumption (Median) 1463W

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Features of NetApp AFF C800 All Flash SAN Storage

The NetApp AFF C800 All Flash SAN Storage is a high-performance storage system that is ideal for tier 1 and tier 2 workloads. It offers better performance than disks and is designed to deliver the best balance of performance and capacity for enterprise applications. The following are some of the features of the NetApp AFF C800 All Flash SAN Storage:

Scalable: The system can be scaled out in a cluster with just the right mix of performance flash, capacity flash, and hybrid flash. This allows you to expand capacity and eliminate storage silos with non-disruptive scale-out in a cluster.
Secure: The system is designed to safeguard against threats like ransomware and get built-in, application-consistent data protection.
Sustainable: The system is built with sustainable flash technology that reduces energy consumption and helps achieve carbon footprint reduction goals. It can reduce rack space by up to 95% and power and cooling costs by up to 85%.
Technical Specifications: The AFF C800 all-flash systems are offered in different models, each with varying raw capacity, max effective capacity, controller chassis form factor, and power consumption. You can find out which model is the best fit for your requirements.

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