NetApp ASA A900 All Flash SAN storage

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ASA A900 ASA A800
Best for Performance-driven block workloads and mission-critical applications that require high resilience
Maximum scale-out 12 nodes
Maximum SSD 2880
Maximum effective capacity[1] 351PB
Controller chassis form factor 8U
Power consumption (median)
2450W (with NS224)

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Features of ASA A900 All Flash SAN storage

The NetApp ASA A900 All-Flash SAN Array is a high-performance, reliable storage solution designed for enterprise-grade block storage. It offers unparalleled performance with up to 2.4 million IOPS per system and latency as low as 100 microseconds. The ASA A900 is built upon a high-resiliency modular architecture, providing leading reliability, availability, and serviceability for the most critical business applications. It also supports multi-protocol access, including NVMe/TCP and NVMe/FC, which can be easily deployed without new hardware investments.

Here are some of the key features of the NetApp ASA A900 All-Flash SAN Array:

Performance: Up to 2.4 million IOPS per system and latency as low as 100 microseconds.

Reliability: High-resiliency modular architecture with leading reliability, availability, and serviceability.

Multi-protocol support: Supports NVMe/TCP, NVMe/FC, FC, and iSCSI protocols.

Efficiency: NetApp’s 4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee.

Security: Built-in data protection and industry-leading security certifications.

Sustainability: Up to 50% lower power consumption than competitors.

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