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Enhance your cyber resilience through the implementation of extended data retention strategies.

Rely on a turnkey solution for long-term retention in your large-scale deployments. With NetBackup Access Appliances, you get a simple, efficient, cost-optimized way to replace outdated storage—including tape. Through deep integration with NetBackup, this powerful solution ensures cyber resilience across the complete enterprise, edge to core to cloud.


Protect against all attack vectors with multi-layer cyber resilience.


Easily deploy long-term data retention through deep integration with NetBackup.


Adapt to evolving environments with up to 2.8 petabytes of cost-effective storage.

Build up your resilience to cyberattacks

Get the benefits of built-in ransomware recovery of business-critical data, at any scale.

  • Reduce risk with a Zero Trust architecture
  • Use immutable storage to protect against damage
  • Gain near-zero recovery-time objectives (RTOs)

Simplify long-term retention with NetBackup integration

Deep integration with NetBackup provides consistent end-to-end, long-term data retention and protection.

  • Global deduplication
  • Classification features
  • Orchestration through NetBackup storage life-cycle policies

Tiered long-term data retention, on-premises and in the cloud

NetBackup Access Appliances provide policy-based tiering that orchestrates automated data migration to both on-premises and off-premises clouds.

  • Benefit from support for multiple public and private cloud platforms
  • Seamlessly tier data to the multi-cloud environment

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