NetBackup Flex Appliances

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Enhance data center security to fortify against cyber threats.

NetBackup Flex appliances provide you with the confidence of industry best practices.

  • Use a cyber-resilient, multi-layer security architecture to protect against multiple attack vectors
  • Easily deploy an isolated recovery environment (IRE) for fast, secure recovery at scale
  • Protect against the latest cyber threats with updates delivered in each software release

Streamline data center security with a rapidly implementable solution.

Get started in minutes with integrated system automations that reduce common infrastructure complexities and deliver data center security.

  • Quickly adapt to a changing business environment
  • Consolidate point products and workloads
  • Benefit from easy maintenance with fast upgrades

Deploy scalable, turnkey protection for your enterprise.

Gain the benefits of NetBackup enterprise-class data protection for every level of your organization, from individual departments to central data center security.

  • Deliver complete data protection for small deployments in a single unit
  • Consolidate multiple deployments into a single unit
  • Scale from 10 terabytes to more than 2 petabytes

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