NetBackup Flex Scale Appliances

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Robust security within an easily deployable scale-out architecture.


Leverage multi-layer cyber-resilience to protect against all attack vectors.


Gain cloud-like ease of use in a turnkey NetBackup integration.


Easily grow performance and storage as your business environment changes.

Safeguard your digital assets with steadfast defense mechanisms against cyber threats

NetBackup Flex Scale provides the confidence of industry best practices.

  • Protect against multiple attack vectors with a cyber-resilient multi-layer security architecture
  • Improve ransomware resilience with immutable storage
  • Get updates to protect against the latest cyber threats with each software release

Simplify data protection with cloud-like operation

Manage data protection with streamlined simplicity and rapidly adapt to changing business requirements by leveraging scale-out architecture.

  • Automated provisioning
  • Automated performance and capacity scaling
  • Automated load balancing
  • Automated recovery

Foster adaptability and efficiency with a pay-as-you-grow strategy, supported by a scalable architecture

Scale NetBackup data protection in both performance and capacity as your organization grows.

  • Easily scale by simply adding nodes
  • Automatically rebalance workloads across nodes
  • Scale-out architecture expands capacity to greater than 2 petabytes

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